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Turn a photograph into a work of art. Custom gallery wraps from My Photo Pipe

Introducing our exclusive line of Gallery Wrapped prints, one of the finest gallery wrapped products in the nation. Upload your photo, select your print size and we’ll output your image using our state-of-the-art Epson9800 on our supple, museum-quality canvas. We’ll hand inspect your print then turn it over to the professionals at myPhotopipe who stretch it and wrap it around their hand-cut pine frames. All four corners are glued and v-nailed to create a bond that few can match.

Our price includes the print, lamination (for extra protection),stretching, wrapping, and hand inspections at

Laminated gallery wraps at My Photo Pipe Custom measured gallery wraps at My Photo Pipe Hand-inspected gallery wraps at My Photo Pipe


What is a Gallery Wrap?
A Gallery Wrap takes a canvas print and stretches it around the sides of a frame and staples it on the back where the staples can’t be seen. A Gallery Wrap is ready to be hung on the wall.

How do you crop your print?
When we stretch your print around the frame, some image area will necessarily be lost so make sure nothing important wraps around the side. All of our gallery wrapped prints can be ordered either through ROES or Xpress and with each you may accurately preview your crops.

Buy custom gallery wraps at My Photo Pipe Order hand-inspected gallery wraps from My Photo Pipe Custom-made gallery wraps at My Photo Pipe

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